Kids Day at San Pedro Park

Our local PBS station was sponsoring a free kids fair at San Pedro Park last Saturday, so I took advantage of the sunshine and took the kids out solo. I wasn't 100% sure they'd behave the whole time, but they usually do well when we're out and about and they have something to do. Admittedly, I did have Eleanor in her stroller the entire time, but I would have lost a kid if I hadn't. Although I was completely exhausted afterwards, the fair turned out to be a blast--there were tons of activities and games for the kids and they were even passing out free fruit! Here are some photos from our morning:

skyler bowling

Skyler and Liam both got to try their hand at a little bowling--Skyler looked like a pro!

liam face paint

I wish Liam would sit as still for me as he did for the face painter!

marble paper

One booth had the kids painting on paper with marbles--an idea I'll be filing away for future craft ideas.

skyler motorcycle

The boys each had the chance to sit on a motorcycle.

eleanor dandelion

We all made wishes on dandelions, but poor Eleanor didn't realize you were supposed to blow them. I guess they do look like yummy fluff.

boys balloons

The boys looking down on the San Pedro pool below. During the off season it looks like a lake, but they clean it up in the summer and it's one of our favorite public pools to go to (and it's free!)

I hope you're all enjoying your spring and taking advantage of the free events in your area!

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