Friday Favorites: How to Keep Your Summer Cool

1.  sweet raspberry lemonade  2.  lemon cups
3.  rosewater tutorial  4. play tent tutorial

This week's roundup is all about keeping cool during the rising summer heat. First off is a yummy raspberry lemonade recipe. Okay, I haven't made it myself yet so I can't testify to it's yummy-ness, but I do love making fresh lemonade and adding raspberries to it could only make it better. And a sweet cool drink in hand makes the sweat running down your back a little more bearable!

Next I found a cute lemon cup recipe which is basically lemon juice and sugar turned into slush--but it looks cute (and almost healthy) inside a lemon (I have a little bit of a sweet tooth now, don't I?). 

I also found a rosewater recipe (which is not for drinking) which would be perfect as a cooling spray. The tutorial calls for using home-grown or organic roses rather than store-bought ones. We have a row of rose bushes we planted earlier this spring. They're not blooming enough to make our own rosewater yet, but I think I might try once they do. 

And lastly, I couldn't resist sharing this awesome play tent tutorial. The designer used three twin sheets (which, I believe, are just $3 each from Walmart) and a hula hoop to make it, and it can be used indoors or out! I love how simple her tutorial is and can imagine one of these hanging up in our own backyard all summer. Now for next month's budget so I can go out and by some sheets!

How are you keeping cool this summer?

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