Cradle Sheets

cradle sheets

With all the night nursing that comes with a newborn, we figured it would be easier to keep her in our room for the first couple of months or so. With that in mind, we found a cradle that would fit in our little room (and that the kids couldn't tip over!). It came with a mattress, but was in need of some sheets. 

That's where this handy tutorial on how to make doll crib sheets came in handy. It gave some tips on how to build custom-size doll sheets and I just adapted it for the cradle mattress. I also used some tips from this full-size crib sheet tutorial.

cradle sheets

I used some old twin and queen-sized sheets I had stashed to make these three. I didn't see a need to make more than three--with all the washing newborns require I figured one for the cradle, one for the hamper and one for the wash would do. 

Once I figured out the measurements (I miscalculated on the first one) they were pretty simple to sew. The tutorials above would be perfect if you wanted to customize your nursery bedding! I favor keeping it frugal and making do with what I have on hand.

cradle sheets

This little cradle won't be empty for much longer!

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