Friday Favorites

1.  diy "pillowcase" dress  2.  embroidery hoop baby mobile
3.  diy diaper cover  4. crib and toddler bed sheet tutorial

Today at my 37 week check up, the doctor said she's willing to induce me a week before the baby's due to ensure that I'll make it to the hospital in time, and to also have a little control over the arrival of number four. As tempting as being able to know when she'll arrive sounds, I want to have the story of where and what I was doing when the time comes. I also have way too many projects that I'd like to get done before the big day--and maybe a little extra cleaning, too :)

So with three weeks left, I'm busy as a bee at my sewing machine. Today I'm sharing some projects that I either hope to work on (and complete) or that I already have underway. I'll post the results as they're completed!

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