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chicho boys

I used to take part in a produce co-op and we'd get about $70-$80 worth of fruits and vegetables for just $25. We would meet the first Friday of every month at about 8 am, but with two toddlers in tow (and now an infant), it became too much work, and too much of the produce would go bad before we were able to use it.

I was disappointed to lose such an inexpensive source for fresh produce for our family, but a good friend of mine, Trina, told me about the Chicho Boys fruit market near downtown San Antonio. I checked out their website and decided to give them a try. I've found great discounts on everything from blueberries to pineapples, and potatoes to squash--I've been going back ever since!

After checking out their weekly specials online (I love being able to comparison shop ahead of time), I saw that they were having some great deals on pumpkins and made it a point to make it out this morning. So, with my $20 in hand and the kids rounded up in the car, I drove the whole six minutes it takes to get there from our house.

gourd collection

I may have gone a little overboard on the pumpkins, but I couldn't resist having some to decorate the house for fall. Here's what I came home with:

I also picked up some fruit:
veggie wall
and some veggies:
My grand total came out to $20.45--okay so, I went a little over budget, but in my defense I had $1 of my blow money to spare--if I hadn't I would've just put one of the mini pumpkins back.

Granted, not everything I picked up today was the best deal (I think the bananas may have been less at  HEB this week)--but I do know that carving pumpkins were $3.88 at Walmart as opposed to the $2.50 at Chicho Boys, and strawberries and grapes were definitely not going for $.99 and $.50 a pound anywhere else!

There are some other pluses and minuses about shopping at Chicho Boys:
pumpkin patch

Overall, I really like the Chicho Boys fruit market--I like that it's small, the workers are friendly, I can find some great deals, and the kids have fun going--they even had a pumpkin patch this time!

halloween hay


As for buying pumpkins so early in the season, I found this great website that has some great pointers on how to keep them fresher longer, and anything else you ever wanted to know about pumpkins!

How about you? Do you have any great money-saving tips for the grocery store? What about favorite pumpkin recipes? I can't wait to try out some pumpkin bread!

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