Friday Favorites: Going Batty

Oct 15 mosaic: Going Batty

1. felt bat mask  2. bat placemats  3. toilet roll bats  4. batman cookie cutter
Wednesday night I had an unexpected encounter with a bat. Chris was on shift at the fire station, the kids were asleep and I was readying to put Amelia in her swing (currently her favorite sleeping spot), when all of a sudden I was ambushed. 

I'll spare you all the details of how I freaked out and could hardly sleep, but Mr. Bat has yet to reappear. So in an attempt to conquer my fears, I'm dedicating this Friday's Favorites to my nighttime visitor--and just in time for Halloween!

1. Felt Bat Mask: Susan from Living With Punks guest posts over at Whip Up with this simple tutorial including a free pattern download--perfect for trick-or-treating or the dress-up box!

2. Bat Placemats: Anneliese at the Aesthetic Nest offers an easy way to dress up your table for Halloween with these vinyl bat placemats.

3. Toilet Roll Bats: Stop by Filth Wizardry for a step-by-step photo how-to on turning your discarded tp tubes into creatures of the night--and check out how her husband added flashing LEDs for greeting trick-or-treaters!

4. Batman Cookie Cutter: Bento-queen Wendy shares how she transformed an angel into a fantabulous new batman cookie cutter using simple household tools--and shows you how you can use it for more than just cookies!

I love seeing so many creative diy-ers out there! Support the handmade movement and make one less trip to the store--craft up some of your own Halloween goodness!

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