My New (Free) Sewing Table

sewing table

Chris and I dragged the kids along for another treasure hunt, aka bulk-pickup hunt, a few weeks ago and we found some cool things. I got a new wooden yardstick, a bunch of old canning jars, a large old frame, and this cool old table. We weren't sure about picking it up at first (we didn't have much room left in the van), but I've been wanting a table to use just for my crafting endeavors and thought this would be perfect. So after driving off without it, I convinced Chris to go back later and grab it before it was gone (you'd be surprised how fast curbside finds disappear). 

sewing table

The table top was a bit moldy, so Chris replaced it with some new plywood, but it's perfect for the space in our family room. It's about counter top height, so I can stand or sit while working at it, and it even has a little shelf that I can use for storage. 

Some days are more successful than others as far as trash hunting goes, but I'm definitely thankful for our free finds. And thank you to my wonderful husband for getting out of the car to check out the things I spy (and fixing them up for me later!) I don't think I'll ever give up bulk pickup hunting! Maybe I should start inviting friends to go along--any takers?

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