The Mason Jar Project

mason jars

The Ball jars above are just a few of the dozen-plus stash of mason jars currently housed in our garage. We inherited a box of them when we bought the house and the second box is a curbside find. I can be a bit of a hoarder when it comes to things I think I'll do something with one day. And my husband ever-so-nicely mentions them to me from time to time (the garage is his workshop). So, today I transferred four dirty jars from a box in the garage to the top of my sewing table--where they will probably sit for a week before I even clean them--but at least I won't be able to avoid them!

mason jars

Mary Jo from Five Green Acres has issued a Rumpelstiltskin Challenge inviting crafters to create crafty gold from their simple stashes. I definitely have tons of stuff to work with (some of which may end up tossed or donated), so I thought I'd start with my lovely jars (the blue ones are my favorite!). I have a simple little project in mind for them and will share photos once they're all gussied up! You can join the challenge or follow along by clicking on the sidebar button.

I hope to whittle away a good chunk of the fabric/scraps/yarn/buttons/ribbon/old clothing/who knows what else I've put in hiding. What kind of goodies do you have stashed away?

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