Friday Favorites: Let Me Count the Ways

Friday Favorites: Let Me Count the Ways
1. the long thread  2. manmade diy  3. aesthetic burst  4. prudent baby

1. Handmade Paper Valentines I love Ellen's photo tutorial of how to make cookie-cutter handmade paper hearts. I've always wanted to try my hand at making paper but it always seemed too complicated. Here she breaks it down into 9 simple steps. 

2. Custom Fingerprint Art I have fallen in love with Man Made DIY--it's an awesome blog geared more towards "manly" crafts. This fingerprint art is a little involved but definitely an original gift idea.

3. Valentine Rocks Not only are these painted rocks super-easy to make (find rocks, scribble with paint pens--voila!--instant valentine), but Abbey from Aesthetic Burst is also sharing 20 valentines in 20 days--and gave away each of the unique valentines she created!

4. Color-In Valentines And the simplest and cheapest of valentines--free printables on Prudent Baby! Honestly, this is the project I did with my toddler and preschooler this week. It's all about keeping it simple (and you wouldn't believe how complicated this project ended up being with a 2 and 3-year-old!).

I'm looking forward to celebrating V-day and hope to share some pics with you next week--how will you be celebrating the loved ones in your life?

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