Self Discovery

self discovery

These photos are actually about a week old. I've been waiting to figure out what I wanted to write about with them (and narrowing down which of the twenty or so to share).

I don't remember exactly what I was doing the afternoon Amelia crawled over to our guest bathroom and saw herself in the mirror. But when I saw how captivated see was with her reflection, I snatched the camera and took advantage of recording the moment. It was exciting to watch her as she babbled and waved to herself with such a pure curiosity. 
self discovery
How often do we as women just revel at the uniqueness of ourselves? Sure, we probably all spend way too much time staring in the mirror, but how much of that is spent analyzing our faults rather than accepting ourselves just as we are? How often do we walk around worrying about our hair, or running late because we had to make sure our clothes looked just right? Not to say that we shouldn't care about our appearance, but we shouldn't let it stop us from being able to fully be ourselves.

self discovery

To think of how much time I've spent critiquing myself in the mirror, I can't imagine the hours (days??) I've wasted over the course of my life. It's saddening to think how this is such an ingrained part of being a woman (or even a girl) in our culture. I have brought four beautiful children into this world and have a life filled-to-the-brim with love and laughter (along with tears and diapers, too). I'm allowed to not look like a supermodel, or even just a regular model (do those exist?).

self discovery

I invite all of you reading this, especially you mamas, to take those imperfections that always seem to keep you back--even if just a little--and own them. I may be on the thin side, but I have stretch marks and a belly, and you'll never see me in a bikini--but who says I have to wear one anyway?
As I watched Amelia enjoying being a baby I remembered how much I could just enjoy being me. And I realized how important it is to nourish that curiosity and love of self for my kids, especially my daughters. And I need to nourish that in myself first and foremost.

How has mamahood changed your self-image? What struggles have you had in accepting yourself just as you are?

And I promise I do have some projects I've been working on to share with you soon. I've just been in a bit of a reflecting mood lately. Hope you all enjoy your weekend, and my heart goes out to any of you who may be suffering as a result of the terrible storms raging through our country--you are in our family prayers!

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