Baby Blue Bolero

Baby bolero

Baby bolero

After knitting my last bolero, I decided to stretch my knitting skills a little more and make some for the girls to wear at Easter. I found this pattern by Cotton and Cloud and fell in love! I can't remember exactly how long it took me to finish (about a month?), but Amelia's snowdrop bolero is done. Now I have just under three weeks to finish Eleanor's! This pattern was definitely a challenge for me at times (I looked up a bunch of YouTube videos to help me along), but now that I've done it once I think it should go faster the next time around.

I absolutely love the ruffles and the blue really brings out Amelia's eyes (sorry no photos from the front--it's hard photographing a toddler on the go!). You can find more details about the yarn and needles I used over on my Ravelry page. Wish me luck in finishing up the second one!

What knitting projects do you have underway?

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