Yes, the Holidays Are Coming

The Holidays are Coming

Thanksgiving break is upon us, and it's hard to believe it's already time for the holidays! It always has a way of sneaking up doesn't it? 

We'll be staying in town for the most part, and the kids have been celebrating Thanksgiving at their schools. I made this popcorn-filled paper bag turkey (tutorial from One Charming Party) for one of the classes and it was a big hit. Liam's kindergarten class also put on a little first Thanksgiving play--it was adorably chaotic. 

I went thrifting with my friend Mary again today, and found a few holiday items I thought I'd share...

The Holidays are Coming

This little coloring book tells a more accurate tale of the pilgrims coming to America. This is a reprint, but was originally published in 1947, I love the illustrations!

The Holidays are Coming

I also found a mix of 40 Christmas cards (with some very beautiful vintage ones) for only $2.50! I usually love having cards printed with our family photo in it, but that can be so stressful. I'll just tuck a little photo inside these ones instead this year. Have any of you ever sent out New Year's cards instead?

The Holidays are Coming

I also found some gorgeous vintage Christmas books for the kids, including a beautiful book called The Innkeeper's Daughter*. I love having a stack of Christmas books to read with the kids during Advent and Christmas. Do you have any favorite Thanksgiving or Christmas books?

I really hope to keep the holidays simple this year. One of my favorite ways to do that is to do as little in-store shopping as possible. Handmade gifts and online shopping are the way to go at our house. And to help you guys out a little, I'll be sharing some of my favorite gift ideas for the whole family each day next week--so be sure to check in!

How are you celebrating Thanksgiving this year? What are your favorite family Advent traditions?

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