Five Vine Friday

#Giveaway for one of these @barefootbooks on the blog today!
— Amy Johnson (@makermama) February 11, 2013

Happy Friday everyone! We've made it through another week (hopefully it was a good one for everyone). Since I'm such a Vine lover now, I thought I'd share a few of my favorites from the week (and a couple of mine you may have missed). Are any of you on Vine? I'd love to see your 6 second videos!

I shared a little preview of the books I reviewed earlier this week, and today's the last day of the Barefoot Books Giveaway, so make sure you enter or tweet again for an extra entry!

Happy Lunar New Year 🐍
— Khoa (@lazybearkhoa) February 10, 2013
This week was also the Chinese New Year. Vine user Khoa always has fun videos--definitely a must-follow. 

Could I have a pancake please?
— Donal Skehan (@donalskehan) February 12, 2013
 The adorable Irish Donal Skehan always has a fun take on Vine food videos. 

@beeliked Drawing a rubber egg #art #animation #stopmotion #magic #drawing #myvinevideo
— Pinot (@pinot) February 14, 2013
Pinot is great with hand-drawn Vines. 

Hot date tonight (shopping at @goodwillsa) #valenvine #thriftstore #loop #cute
— Amy Johnson (@makermama) February 14, 2013
And I couldn't help but make a Vine during my hunt for the perfect Valentine's Day dress at Goodwill! What were your favorite Vines of the week?

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