Yes to Holiday Mama-Time

Thanksgiving is just a week away and even though we're not hosting dinner at our house this year, I can already feel the stress of the holidays creeping up. But it doesn't have to be that way. I'm going to do my best to keep our family gift lists simple. I'm not going to bake 12 dozen batches of Christmas cookies. We're going to continue celebrating the holidays slowly. And most importantly I'll be making time for mama-time. 
Much like I keep a bottle of wine, or even the occasional chocolate bar stashed for long days, I'll be keeping some of my favorite Yes to minis stocked as a healthier, more refreshing pick-me-up option. Blueberry-Lavender and Grapefruit natural body wash? Check and check. Travel size Cucumber towelettes? You betcha.
My favorite non-calorie-increasing mama-time activity? A nice hot bath. I once had a mentor tell me that everyone should take a nice long soak now and then, and I could definitely follow that advice more often. There's something about turning off all electronics (and responsibilities), and giving myself time to rejuvenate that's just so restorative.  I don't take nearly enough time for quiet moments like this, but I never regret it when I do. 
I've joined with Yes to in the hopes of making every mama's busy holiday season a little more enjoyable this year. And to help you take a break for your own mama-time Yes to is giving away 10,000 mini products!
So, before the chaos begins, take a moment out for yourself and go enter to win. And then keep those goodies somewhere that will remind you to take a breather from time to time. There's no one you can delegate that task to!
How do you keep your cool during the holidays? Any favorite mama-time activities?

This post is sponsored by Yes to but my love for their super natural skin care products is all my own. Have a peaceful, joy-filled holiday season everyone!

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