7 Thrifty Collections

7 Thrifty Collections

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I'm an avid thrifter all year long, but something about spring (or at least the beginnings of it) makes me even more eager to go hunting for a good find. Oftentimes I'll come across several of the same item which individually may not seem special, but en masse you have an instant collection to show off. Today I've gathered seven things to keep your eye out for on your next trip to the thrift store.

Vintage Games via the boo and the boy

Secondhand games can often be missing pieces, but it's no matter with this gorgeous display. 

Crochet Potholder collection by Fine Little Day 

I see crocheted potholders all the time--I'll be looking at them a little differently next time!

Tin collection by silly old suitcase

This is one of my personal favorites. I love storing odds and ends in my tin collection, but they also make great shelves and I've even cut them into garlands, too. 

Vintage aprons via Country Living

You can usually find aprons in the linen section of the thrift store--I have my own little stash I use every day!

Pyrex collection by 8 foot 6

Vintage Pyrex can be hard to find (they're super popular), but every once in a while you can find one at an awesome price. I've even found a Pyrex salt and pepper shaker set!

Plate collection via Angie Cao Photography

I have my own plate wall collection, as well as a set of thrifted party plates--inexpensive and reusable!

Vintage handkerchiefs via Anthology Magazine

Handkerchiefs make another wonderful collection. We have a bunch that we use in lieu of tissues, but they also make for great decor! 

Do you have any vintage collections? Inspired to start collecting? I'd love to hear your story!

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