15 Thrift Store Costume Ideas

15 Thrift Store Costume Ideas
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You might think it's a little early to think about Halloween, but for those of us who like to DIY our costumes, it's high time! To help you along, I've searched high and low for the best costume ideas you can make from thrifted items. Check out my favorite thrift store costume ideas below!


Striped shirts and black pants are a cinch to find. All you need to add are a few accesories!

Princess Leia

I'm loving this take on Princess Leia. An oversized white dress and an R2D2 vacuum cleaner? Check.

Lieutenant Uhura Star Trek

It might be a little trickier finding the red boots to match, but a DIY Star Trek badge makes the look immediately recognizable.

Audrey Hepburn

You can't fail with a little black dress and pearls.

Silent Film Star

Just add some white face paint and print out your lines!

Tooth & Tooth Fairy

Love the tooth made out of pillows!

Frida Kahlo & Diego Rivera

Any Mexican-style dress will do. The magic's in the eyebrows.

Carmen Sandiago

Anyone else played this computer game as much as I did as a kid? Now's the time to snatch up the perfect trench coat at your thrift store!

Sound of Music Von Trapp Girl

Find a 70's print dress or just upcycle some thrifted curtains.


Loving the black towel cape!

Fantastic Mr. Fox

Add some DIY masks to some cute vintage threads.

Annie Hall

Channel your inner Diane Keaton as Annie Hall--you'll probably find most of your costume in the men's section!

Mary Poppins

If I could have superpowers, they would be Mary Poppins powers.

DIY Donut

This one might be more of a challenge to pull off at the thrift store--keep an eye out for inner tubes and foam curlers for this clever costume!

DIY Pineapple

A cute yellow dress and green cardstock are all you need for this whimsical costume.

Feeling inspired to DIY your Halloween costume this year? I'd love to hear your plans! And for some kids costume ideas, check out my DIY Needle and Thread Costume, Princess Hat Tutorial, and Last-Minute Mario and Luigi How-To

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