Lost Maples State Natural Area

Last week during Thanksgiving break, we took a day trip to Lost Maples. It was our first time visiting, and we went at the perfect time of year with all the vibrant fall colors. It's about a two-hour drive from San Antonio, so we packed a picnic and hit the road. Click through for more photos of our visit...

We took the Maple and East Trails up to Monkey Rock, which was amazing. Pictures don't do it justice. The area it's in seemed to glow from the light reflected off the cliff rocks and creek bed; it was like stepping into another world. We also came across a tarantula on our way back--I'd heard it was the time of year for tarantula migration and the boys loved seeing one in person. 

Overall, it was refreshing to get out doors--although it was hard not to stress about the kids running too far ahead and out of sight. I grew up exploring the countryside, and I'm grateful for the opportunity to share that with our kids, too. I'm thinking a state park pass might be in order--$70 for over 90 parks for the whole family--I'm putting that on my Christmas list! 

Do you have a favorite state park or natural area to explore in your area? I'd love to see your photos--feel free to link up in the comments below!

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