15 Upcycled Easter Egg Ideas

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I keep a stash of plastic eggs to reuse every Easter, but these incredible upcycling ideas are pulling at my heart strings. Which ones would you love to make?
1. Make plastic egg nesting dolls
2. Turn clear ones into mini terrariums
3. Use the bottom halves to make a tealight holder 
4. And make mini bullet planters with the tops
5. Make Easter egg sculptures (These were made with real egg shells, but you can easily reuse plastic ones.)
6. Make some creepy crawlies
7. Or a collection of mini teacups
8. Paint with them!
9. Turn them into fancy bird feeders (photo for Subtle Revelry by Jocelyn Noel)
10. Or these kid-friendly bird feeders
11. Make an egg garland
12. Use them to store homemade playdough
13. Save them for Cinco de Mayo and make maracas
14. Or as molds for handmade soap
15. Add some LED lights to create fireflies
And my favorite place to buy plastic eggs if I don't already have them? The thrift store of course!

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