Camping in Goliad

The kids were off for Spring Break last week, and although we're usually staycationers, we planned an overnight camping trip at Goliad State Park. We've only been camping once with the kids (and that was ages ago when there were only three!). The park is also a historic site that played a big part in the story of Texas. So not only did we enjoy the outdoors, but we got to explore the mission and learn a thing or two. 

I'm about to show you a million photos, but before I do, make sure you stop by Andrea's Notebook for my latest post on 18 Camping Hacks Everyone Should Know. Now on to the bazillion photos. 

Since Goliad is a little out of the way, the campgrounds were nice and quiet. Plus we didn't have to worry about our noisy kids disturbing any neighbors. And if you're camping out at a Texas State Park, I highly recommend checking out some of their Junior Ranger bags--we loved the field guides and used them repeatedly to identify tracks and birds and even a snake (it wasn't venomous, phew!). We own a couple of these field guides and love them (affiliate link). 

We kept our meals pretty simple, the crescent-wrapped hot dogs were our fave, and we had to have s'mores. Chris was the fire and camp stove king. I just put everything on sticks. Oh, and used this method to make the corn

Sleeping in tents with kids is always kind of crazy. Plus there was some crazy wildlife noises to wake us up (fighting squirrels and a creepy screech owl). Oh, and then it rained. It wasn't a full on storm, and we all stayed dry, but some of our stuff was wet in the morning and it was really hard to keep our shoes dry the next day (we'll definitely plan better for that next time). 

A night and a day was the perfect amount of time for our first full-family camping trip. Goliad was beautiful, and we'll definitely pay another visit soon! 

Do you have any favorite camping places? Any tips to make family camping easier? Don't forget to check out my camping hacks post

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