DIY Home Studio Backdrop

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It’s been a goal of mine to improve the photo quality of my posts and projects here on the blog. I just got my first 50mm lens for my mirrorless Sony a6000 (which I love), and am putting my palm to my forehead for not getting it sooner. Another big thing I’ve been doing without for a while is a good backdrop. I’ve been using white foam boards when I’ve needed them, and it just got to a point where it wasn’t hacking it anymore. So, after lots of browsing through recommendations and resources online, I figured out a way to DIY my own home studio backdrop--and I couldn’t be happier with the results (and the price)!

While I was searching, I saw a lot of people using spring rods to put up a roll of paper in a doorway or between two walls, but with the space I needed to put mine, that wasn’t going to work. I ordered this paper backdrop roll from Amazon, and headed to Home Depot for a wooden dowel and some sort of hooks to put it all on.

I found the dowel in the molding section near the lumber. I needed one long enough to fit across my laundry closet, so I had to pick one that needed trimming. After that I wandered around trying to figure out what to hang it all on. I had the idea of using some curtain rod brackets (they needed to be large enough to fit the thick dowel), but I couldn’t buy them without buying the whole rod, so I opted instead for a couple of simple wall hooks.

It took some measuring and drilling to put it all up at home, but the results are simple and affordable, and it isn’t a total eyesore in our family room! It’s not a self-rolling backdrop, but I don’t have to set up any wobbly bars just to take photos, either. I just pull it down and roll it back up as needed! I’m really loving my new DIY home studio, and there’s only one thing I’d change--getting some additional rolls to switch out colors from time to time!

Are you a photography lover? What changes have made the biggest impact on the quality of your work?

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