100 DIY Halloween Costumes


I've been getting crafty with our family Halloween costumes for years. Sometimes we just reuse what's already in our costume box, and other years we whip up new ones. I'm banding together with an awesome group of bloggers to bring you 100 DIY Costume ideas to help you get crafty this Halloween, too. First, I thought I'd give you a glimpse into the Maker Mama Halloween photo archives. Check out some of our crafty costumes over the years.

A knight (I totally hand cut and painted that shield), a gnome, and a ladybug--and I'm wearing my paper plate angel wings

Calvin and Hobbes--I sewed each of those black stripes onto Skyler's orange shirt (why didn't I just paint them??). 
Super Mario & Friends. Princess Peach and the flower costume were thrifted finds, and I share how to make the Last-Minute Mario and Luigi Costumes here
A closer look at my paper plate angel wings--these are my go-to costume. 
A paper witch hat and fringed tunic from an old shirt. 
A cardboard stop sign (I can't tell you how telling of my son's personality this costume is!).
And of course you can never go wrong with a painted skull face!

What are your Halloween costume plans this year? Check out these amazing ideas! 

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