Halloween Costumes 2016 Edition

It's been a while since I've popped in here on the blog. Life as a full-time working single mama is definitely a flurry, but creative living is still my passion and what better time to unleash that than Halloween? I didn't do any sewing whatsoever for our costumes this year, but there was certainly thrifting, hot glueing, face painting, and hair dyeing! And I didn't quite get a photo of me and all of the kiddos (Liam the wolf had already run off to a friend's house), but I'll give you the run down on all of their costumes! 

For Liam, we found this awesome wolf mask at Target. I also hot glued some fake fur to a pair of black gloves, and voilĂ , instant Wolf Man! 

Skyler's costume request threw me through a loop at first. I had no idea who Tape Man was, but after he showed me some videos on You Tube, I was convinced that it wasn't some creepy movie character. (He's actually a hilarious modern-day mime from America's Got Talent.) We picked up a black jacket at the thrift store and my mom found the striped shirt at the thrift store, too (thanks mom!). A little bit of black eye liner, some black hair color, some duct tape, and he was good to go. 

Eleanor is a big fan of Pippi Longstocking (I wish I had read more of it when I was a kid!), and with her long locks it was a no-brainer for a costume choice this year. We combined some thrifted pieces with some clothes she already had. And for the hair I made a pipe cleaner head band with three pipe cleaners interweaved in her braids on either side. A wire hanger would've given it more lift but I was all about keeping it as simple as could be. A can of orange spray color really made those braids pop, though. 

Amelia's costume was completely store bought this year. She had her heart set on being Cleopatra and it was way easier than trying to hunt down all the right thrifted items. Thank you, Target! The wig only made it through the first block of trick or treating, though. 

With my love for swing dancing, I had my heart set on something classic and vintage, so a mime it was! I found my striped shirt at Target, pencil skirt and shoes at Nordstrom Rack, hat and gloves from a Halloween store, and I used this awesome video tutorial to get a great finish on my white face paint. I bought my white face paint and black eye liner at a local costume shop called Gibson's, my red lipstick by NYX, and then some face eyelashes as well (so proud of myself for getting those on!).  

The kids are getting to the age where we're splitting up for trick or treating antics, but we all had a good night--and the girls ended up with over flowing buckets of candy (I will be poking through thos from time to time)! A part of me misses the days of all handmade costumes, but I have no qualms with giving myself a break and makeshifting our way through them. Getting creative doesn't have to mean all handmade, mamas--I'm officially giving you permission to not feel guilty! Hope you and yours had a wonderful Halloween!

And I'd love to see your costumes! Tag @makermama in your Instagram photos and I'll come check them out!

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